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Free PC TuneUp Suite

Free PC TuneUp Suite is a combination of free PC tuneup utilities, which can be used as a dependable replacement for any other applications or services. You can achieve a ton of great optimization within several clicks. It is endowed with the abilities to clean disk, remove broken shortcuts, backup & repair drivers, clear online traces, recover lost files, shred data, encrypt files, auto click, create WiFi hotspot, monitor keystrokes/file/folder/program, and so forth. Learn More>>

All-in-one Tuneup Suite

Keep tweaking your system - regular maintenance and occasional tuneups play an important role in helping your computer stay in tip-top shape. Free PC TuneUp Suite integrates a bunch of necessary system tuneup utilities, assisting you to spare harddisk space, backup & safeguard your privacy & any designated data, monitor & report the computer for all activities and anything else that keeps computer run smoothly. It is a package of cost-free tuneup utilities. All the programs are meant to be easy to use, and our developers are dedicated to make them that way. Come and experience a much energy-saving optimization.

Clean up Registry

For most computer users, Windows registry can be a very intimidating place, containing so much sensitive data. You should keep registry clean and healthy to make the system stable and avoid losses. The free registry cleaner tool of Free PC TuneUp Suite is specialized in cleaning up registry organized. It scans any sections of registry like ActiveX, Application Info, Startup, Software Settings, Shared DLLs and so on and lists the invalid entries so that you can remove them in a click of a button. Also, a corrupted registry can be a frustrating experience that can take a lot of time and money to fix. The registry cleaner has the ability to back up the registry and restore it if it crumbles due to any misguided action.

Clean Harddisk

Sometimes you may see a signal that the system gives out, warning "Low Disk Space" and there might be a notification saying that there's no enough disk space to finish the install when you try to upgrade the utilities or paste the copied files. A free disk cleaner is all you need to settle this. Free PC TuneUp Suite gives the harddisk cleaner tool to eliminate the junk files to spare more space for useful data. It also works for other storage devices like external harddisks and USB Flash Drives.

Protect Internet Privacy

Internet privacy is a hot-button issue at present, due to the reports about public concerns that users' online activities are being monitored. Free PC TuneUp Suite has an Internet privacy cleaner to eliminate the online traces, like cookies, cache, temp Internet files, surf & download history, as well as auto complete & saved form info. It supports all the mainstream web browsers, including IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome & Safari. It gives you the ability to protect your own info from access by unauthorized persons, against unlawful processing and other cyber espionage.

PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner

Safely clean & fix registry problems to improve PC performance and stability. Learn More >>

Clean Windows Registry

The Registry is where the operating system stores computer's device and file associations, as well as critical information about drivers, directories, Windows applications and more. But over time, your computer's registry will become bloated and even corrupted with obsolete or unnecessary entries. PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner is designed as a professional registry cleaner that can help clean obsolete registry settings or repair your registry errors, ensuring optimum performance of your PC.

Repair Registry Errors

Your PC may become hard to use with stability problems, like freezes, system crashes, errors popping up, application response slowdown, and so on. These issues can be caused by invalid registries. PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner, one of the most efficient registry cleaning software, only needs a few easy steps to fix invalid Windows Registry entries, correct DLL errors and clean up junks. It makes sure that Windows Registry is perfect and error free, so your PC will stop giving you headaches and be usable once again.

Boost PC Performance

Remnant files left behind on the system registry from failed installations, incomplete uninstallations, disabled drivers and so on can lead to poor performance of your computer. PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner - top-ranking registry cleaner - seeks out and repairs those issues in your registry. With a clean and defragmented registry, your computer can speed at peak efficiency, with fewer errors and better performance.

Save Disk Space

This is true that your computer hard disk is occupied by so many additions, deletions and other modifications when software, drivers, hardware components, etc. are added and removed from your computer. As error files grow in size, your OS performance may be compromised. PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner provides an efficient way to make space, by finding and eliminating all the junks in your registry. You may be surprised at how much space can be freed up with it.

Backup and Restore

The Windows registry is a sensitive database that if damaged or destroyed it could cause a computer to no longer function properly. PCTuneUp Free Registry Cleaner is designed with this in mind that it features with backup and restore function, which allows users to create and restore full registry backups.

PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner

Clean up junk and redundant files on your PC to regain speed and hard drive space. Learn More >>

Safely Clean Junk & Obsolete Files from Disk

Does your PC run too slowly as it's years old? It may due to all the virtual junk that accumulates in there. It doesn't have to be that way. PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner is a free disk cleaner utility designed to help you find and delete unnecessary or unwanted files to turn your sluggish system back into the youthful zippy machine it once was.

Clean All Disks Connected with PC

PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner is the perfect solution to clean computer disks, zip disks, secondary hard disks, memory cards, and USB Drives. Equipped with a new advanced algorithm, it takes just a few seconds to scan your whole disk. And, you can clean all the disks at once, or only the one you select.

Clean Internet Activity

During surfing Internet, whether you're reading your favorite blog, checking the weather, or shopping, all the information is stored on your computer. If you have privacy concerns or want to free up disk space, delete these activities. PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner has the ability of cleaning Internet histories, cache files and cookies of almost all web browsers to protect your privacy online and make your computer faster and more secure.

Free Up Disk Space

You need to free up unused memory get the most out of your computer? PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner helps clean numerous unnecessary files, empty the recycle bin, remove various system files and other items that you no longer need for important things.

Increase Your Computer's Speed and Performance

By cleaning the cache and browser data that's piling up on your disk especially the large files that eating away at your precious disk space, PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner brings your computer up to speed and peak performance.

Protect Your Privacy

Some unnecessary files like HTTP cookies, local shared objects, log files or any other traces that can take up your disk space as well as may tell your privacy to other people. PCTuneUp Free Disk Cleaner is able to find and delete potentially unwanted files from a computer to free up disk space and protect your privacy.

PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator

Free virtual WiFi hotspot creator to create hotspot & share WiFi anywhere. Learn More >>

Create WiFi Hotspot

Setting up your own WiFi hot spot, whether for philanthropic or economic purposes, is not a difficult process. With PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator, you can quickly turn your laptop into a wireless hotspot without requiring a professional or some existing level of wireless experience. Now, just create your private WiFi network with few clicks!

Share All Internet Connections

Would you like to turn your computer or laptop into a WiFi Hotspot and allow people to share your connection to Internet? PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator is a free Internet connection sharing application that allows you to turn your own laptop into a WiFi router so that you can share Internet wirelessly. You can easily share your connection with an unlimited number of users, such as your friends, families, coworkers, roommates, colleagues, guests, etc.

Cut Data Usage & Save Money

PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator is a free network utility that will allow you to create a Wi-Fi connection using your PC or laptop as a wireless router, enabling you to use your cellphone to connect this hotspot to surf the internet for free. This obviously cuts monthly date usage of your phone and saves money to buy wireless router and avoid expensive hotel/school network access fees.

Enjoy WiFi Anywhere

By creating a virtual WiFi router, it is easy to enjoy WiFi at home, the airport, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels, stadiums, convention centers, universities, subway, bus, theatre, etc. with this portable WiFi creator. No matter where you are, PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator will let you enjoy self-created WiFi as long as there is a wireless network!

Surf on All Devices

PCTuneUp Free WiFi Hotspot Creator is a handy and reliable utility that is compatible with all modern Wi-Fi client devices like Laptop, Smart Phone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android Phone, Zune, Netbook, wireless printer, etc. In this way, it is convenient to surf the internet by connecting any Wi-Fi enabled devices to your created WiFi hotspot.

PCTuneUp Free File Recovery

Get lost or deleted data back in 3 steps. Learn More >>

Recover Deleted Files

Get upset about your careless deletion of an important document, photo, video demo or something else and no success after trying scores of ways? Cheer up! PCTuneUp Free File Recovery comes with ultimate solution. It is professional free file recovery software that manages to recover your various kinds of lost files including those emptied from Recycle Bin, from all file systems(NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT, HFS+, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, etc.), whatever they are caused by human accidental deletion, any sort of machine error or other uncertain reasons.

Recover from All Storage Devices

PCTuneUp Free File Recovery works for various kinds storage devices. It recovers lost data stored in your C, D and other local hard drives and the external ones like your memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, etc. Therefore, no matter what your lost file is caused by a crash, virus, sabotage, careless deletion on the hard drive or on your thumb drive, pen drive, Walkman, digital cameras or more, you can just send this powerful data recovery tool to help you get the lost back.

Recover Files in All Formats

This free data recovery software supports all types of files such as office documents, photos, music, videos, compressed archives and any other file types. As a professional recovery tool, it surely helps you successfully restore your deleted Word documents, teaching videos, valuable iPod music and holiday snaps and others that you think gone.

Recover from Formatted Disks

Maybe you feel desperate after formatting your any kind of drive which stores your vital documents that haven't been copied or backed up in time. Don't be frustrated. PCTuneUp Free File Recovery comes to handle it. This powerful file recovery tool features with ability to recover the lost data from any formatting disaster. Just bring what you think has gone forever back.



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