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How to Encrypt Files?

The things you'll need:

There must be something important or private you don't want to others to know. PCTuneUp Free File Encryptor comes in handy. It is a secure file encryptor program that is able to encrypt any types of files such as documents, photos, music, movies, EXEs, Zips and more. Once locked, they will become inaccessible to any unauthorized local or remote users, except the one who holds the correct password.

Step 1. Download and Run Free File Encryptor

Click here to download PCTuneUp Free File Encryptor and install it. Double-click the icon to launch the program.

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Step 2. Input a File

Click "Browse" to select a file you need to lock. The file size will be displayed when the file is selected.

Tip: you can input a file of literally any formats: documents, images, video/audio files, compressed files, exe files, etc.

Input a File

Step 3. Specify Output Folder

Click "Browse" to choose an output folder and specify the name of output file.

Specify Output Folder

Step 4. Choose Cipher & Hash

Select one cipher from 3DES, Blowfish, Cast128, DES, Ice, Ice2, RC2, etc. Then, choose the needed hash from MD5, RipeMD-128, RipeMD-160, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 and Tiger (The options you choose here should be kept in record because it requires exactly the same options to decrypt the files).

Choose Cipher & Hash

Step 5. Encrypt the File

Type the password in box of "Passphrase" and retype the password in box of "Confirm passphrase" for verify purpose. Click "Encrypt" to lock the file and the encryption will be complete within several seconds.

Tip: if you are afraid that you might forget the info you entered during encryption, you can create a second copy of the file before encryption and store it in a safe location.

Encrypt Files

If you want to decrypt the file, just enter the password in "Passphrase" and click "Decrypt".

Decrypt Files

More tips are provided for you:

More Useful Tips: