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PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor

Want to figure out what's secretly changing your system?
Folder monitor can to track every change in real-time!

  • Monitor both folders & files
  • Record the changes made to your system
  • Custom alert notifications
  • Generate specific log in real-time
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Completely safe & free program
PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor

Why use PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor?

  • Monitor files and folders for system analysis and diagnosis
  • Monitor which application is running
  • Distinguish diferrent activities with different colors

Our guarantee:

Our free folder monitor software will be 100% free & clean, guaranteed!

Monitor the changes in folders & files as well as software applications in real-time

We all have some quite confidential folders on our computers, and one effective way to protect those folders is to monitor if there're changes with them. PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor lets you easily monitor the file access activities on your system. It is a lightweight program which has the ability to monitor all current folder changes like renaming, copy, deletion, creation, etc. and attributes get recorded and distinguished with blue/green/red text.

Monitor Folders

Protect System

Custom Monitoring

Monitor Folders Protect System Erase Browser Traces
Monitor the changes made in folders, files and applications in real-time Easily find out what's making changes to your crucial folder or harming your system Monitor any designated targets & activities like file being altering, creation or removal
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Monitor Files/Folders

Monitor Files & Folders

You want to monitor the content of particular folders? You want to monitor the modification of particular files? Then PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor is what you need! This free folder monitor software is an advanced application designed to keep an eye on a specific folder or file and get notified whenever a specific change occurs.

Monitor Program Execution

New! Monitor Program Execution

Working as an execution file monitor, PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor allows you to monitor any kind of executable program with access to full installation to know what kinds of changes happened on your program execution running on your computer. It records every track of running applications and processes, as well as monitoring their particular activity.

File Filter

Precise! File Filter

To quickly and easily find the wanted files for monitoring, an accurate file filter is provided for you. You can use it to specify what types of changes to monitor and what kinds of notifications to display instantly when they are added, renamed, removed, modified and so on without worrying about losing data.

File Alert Notifications

File Alert Notifications

It is important to be notified when files, folders or their contents are modified by someone. So PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor provides many user-specific notification preferences (file name, directory name, attributes, size, last write, last access, creation and security) to specify what kinds of notifications to display instantly when the change occurs. Once your specified one or all of them, it will alert the user when something is changed, added, removed, renamed, deleted, or modified within the monitored directories.

Easy Analysis & Diagnosis

Easy Analysis & Diagnosis

PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor tracks files and folders (sub-folders) when someone creates, deletes, modifies or renames a file and gives you detailed log information. This detailed information is easy for system debugging and trouble shooting, file activity audit and log, catching the details of changes to your file system or monitoring your website files. Now, you can instantly detect storage subsystem problems, unexpected steep increase in disk utilization and proliferating files and folders in storage servers.

Real-time Processing

Hot! Real-time Processing

The agent-less monitoring capability lets you quickly start monitoring in real-time. PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor makes it possible to easily and quickly carry out business processes as soon as files are created without slowing down your computer. This saves a lot of time on dealing with them helps to decrease the risk of human error.

Distinguish with Text Color

Distinguish with Text Color

In order to give you a quicker and clearer understanding of the text log, this free folder monitor software displays the activity info of the monitored files & folders and distinguishes them with different colors. Blue color stands for "File"; green one is "Directory" and red means "Removed entry". Now, all things are clear at a glance.

View Detailed Entry Properties

View Detailed Entry Properties

The free folder monitor software displays detailed entry properties in the main window. Now, you can easily view detailed properties of the specified files, such as type, size, location, generation time and other info and indicate whether they are processed separately or together in a group in the pop-up property window.

Specific Log Information

Specific Log Information

Some specific log info of the tracked files or folders like timestamp, action, name and other items are provided by this free folder monitor. Furthermore, the "Clear log" feature enables you to quickly and completely sweep away all the old log info and generate newer info for your analysis or other uses.


Editor's Review

PC World - Editor's Review

PC World - Editor's Review

The file monitor software proves to have the ability to detect every activity in computer in real time. And it can automatically generate plaintext logs for future review.

Soft82 - Excellent

Soft82 - Excellent

PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor works well as advertised. Also, it allows users to customize the relevant file actions or notifications according to their demands.

How Does PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor Work?

Award winning

PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor is an efficient free folder monitor designed to monitor folder changes in real time. It lets you know every subtle change about the specified folders and stay away from any unauthorized or malicious operation in secret.

This free folder monitor offers you a faster way to keep tracks of all changes to your folders and performs safe, easy and all-round folder monitoring.

How does it work in detail?

1. You choose a folder to monitor

By default, PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor displays the changes monitored in your local C drive. If that's not the path you want to monitor, just clear the log info and choose another folder.

2. Tell PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor what kinds of changes to monitor

You tell PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor what kind of changes you want it to report back. It manages to record a variety of activities of your folder as well as its subfolder, such as file adding, deleting, modifying, renaming, etc. Just check a single action, several ones or all of them as your demands. Besides, you can choose what notifications to be told from a list of file/directory name, attributes, size, last write and more.

3. PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor monitors the changes

PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor starts monitoring the changes. It will continuously display the monitored tracks, marked with different colors, clearly in a list. This time, you are to catch what on earth operations are disturbing your system in secret and stop those harmful ones in time.

That's how it goes. It's time to get rid of any unknown or malicious writing or tampering. PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor is the key to figure out all invisible folder activities, stop any unexpected operations timely and get top PC security!


System Requirements

  • PCTuneUp Free Folder Monitor has been designed to work with Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Recommended Configuration: PentiumĀ® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM

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