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PCTuneUp Free Password Manager

Want to safely store & manage your password?
Our password manager gives a new way!

  • Store & manage all your passwords
  • Protect you from all kinds of data hacking & theft
  • One key password to protect the password archive
  • Powerful password generator
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Completely safe & free program
PCTuneUp Free Password Manager

Why use PCTuneUp Free Password Manager?

  • Only one key password to remember
  • Protect your IDs and passwords from any hidden threats
  • Easy to import and export data for management

Our guarantee:

Our password manager software will be 100% free & clean, guaranteed!

Store & manage all your login IDs & passwords to protect against data theft

Passwords being stolen or forgotten is an unpleasant thing for everybody because they provide vital access & privacy protection. To remember or store a pile of passwords seems not to be an easy thing. Now a handy and safe password manager tool - PCTuneUp Free Password Manager is ready to be at your service. It aims to store all your logins IDs, passwords and other private info into one secure database with ability to generate strong random passwords. Just use one uncrackable master key to unlock all other passwords. Simpler and safer.

Risk-free Storage

Manageable Storage

Password Generator

Risk-free Password Storage Manageable Storage Uncrackble Password Generator
Store your login IDs & passwords into one password-protected archive Importing, exporting, updating and editing passwords are just easy Ability to generate random complicated passwords to defeat decryption
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Store & Manage Password

Reliable! Store & Manage Password

Nowadays, it seems like whatever we do on the Web, a password is required. Checking emails, paying bills, uploading photos... the list goes on and on. Remembering all of them can be a tough task. PCTuneUp Free Password Manager is a great help to handle that. The free password manager manages to store & manage your login IDs, passwords, site name, URL and other related info in a secure password box systematically. You can modify, delete them or add new info. Finally you will find the password management chore goes and a peace of mind comes.

Password Generator

Password Generator

The powerful free password management software features with ability to generate random and strong passwords. The use of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, special, characters with different templates, desired length offers you with unbreakable passwords against any password cracking tools.

Protect Against Data Theft

Safe! Protect Against Data Theft

What PCTuneUp Free Password Manager aims to provide is more security than a convenient way to help manage tons of passwords. The professional free password manager stores your web/game logins, corresponding passwords, bank account numbers and other related info together in a safe archive, which is protected with an uncrackable password random generated by the program or the one set by yourself. No data theft or info leaks any more.

Import & Export Data

Import & Export Data

This handy feature makes password management easier. If needed, you can freely export the password data to a ZIP file which is convenient for opening, printing, or saving a backup copy. Meanwhile, it allows importing your password databases by few clicks, no need of manually entering the same info to be stored once again.

One Password to Remember

Unique! One Password to Remember

PCTuneUp Free Password Manager provides extreme convenience. With this efficient password manager application, you won't have to remember scores of passwords. Instead, all you need to keep in mind is only one secure master key which holds access to unlocking all the archives database that store your various IDs & passwords. Put an end to the pain of endless remembering passwords.

Create Shortcuts for Archives

Create Shortcuts for Archives

What if you have many archives frequently to use? Finding and opening them in the sea of archives may be not so easy and time-consuming. The full-featured PCTuneUp Free Password Manager will solve the problem with ability to create desktop shortcuts for them and you can name the shortcuts by yourself. Just find the wanted archives in no time.


Editor's Review

Softpedia - 5 Ratings

Softpedia - 5 Ratings

All things considered, we'd like to give it our top-ranked award. Its marvelous performance really impressed all of us. What's more, it can even generate highly complicated passwords for individual reference.

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

Through our test, this password manager software performs well without any error. It's very helpful for anyone who has many passwords that need to be remembered.

How Does PCTuneUp Free Password Manager Work?

Award winning

PCTuneUp Free Password Manager is reliable and handy password box that manages to securely and systematically store as many IDs & passwords as you need. It organizes your passwords info well and keeps them safe.

This free password manager offers you a faster way to find the exact IDs & passwords and directly launch the corresponding web site, game, etc. It performs safe, easy and well-ordered password management task.

How does it work in detail?

1. You tell PCTuneUp Free Password Manager IDs, passwords & other related info

To tell what you want PCTuneUp Free Password Manager to store for you is the first step to say good bye to your password management chore. You are free to put in your IDs, passwords, site names, URLs and other related info. Don't worry that you may get a mess and couldn't find a certain one when trying to use. The free manager provides fixed title like site/name, site URL, user name, passwords, etc. Just enter your info under them one by one. All these look like storing your books into a bookshelf.

2. PCTuneUp Free Password Manager saves your info into password-protected archives

PCTuneUp Free Password Manager will keep all your info into an archive orderly which can be protected with passwords for security. Working as a password generator, PCTuneUp Free Password Manager itself has ability to generate strong passwords - combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. If required, PCTuneUp Free Password Manager is ready to produce unbreakable password for you.

That's how it goes. It's time to get rid of the arduous password remembering and a locked account caused by wrong password input. PCTuneUp Free Password Manager is the key to store and manage your passwords information in an ordered and secure way.


System Requirements

  • PCTuneUp Free Password Manager has been designed to work with Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Recommended Configuration: PentiumĀ® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM

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