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PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager

Need a faster PC boot?
Remove redundant startup programs to shave several seconds off!

  • Remove unneeded startup programs
  • Accelerate computer startup
  • Customize your own startup list
  • Acquire more available memory (RAM) & other system resources
  • Easy operation for all users
  • Support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Completely safe & free program
PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager

Why use PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager?

  • Speed up system boot & Windows login process
  • Remove as many programs in startup list without hassle
  • Set your own programs to launch at startup

Our guarantee:

Our startup manager software will be 100% free & clean, guaranteed!

Manage all of auto-start items to boost system startup & save more storage memory

Your computer will be slow if there are many applications and processes boot up together with your PC's system. It's necessary to get rid of those auto-startup apps on your system boot. PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager works as a good startup manager to help you disable the apps you don't need or enable your favorite apps on your system boot. It's easy to use that just by a simply click you can control apps and processes in order to speed up your PC, save your time and memory resources.

Boost Boot-up

Cut Memory Usage

Custom Startup List

Boost Boot-up Cut Memory Usage Custom Startup List
Find & remove any programs you don't want to run at system boot Spare more memory, harddrive space and other resources Add applications to the list to automatically start at login
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Manage Startup Programs

Unique! Manage Startup Programs

PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager is an easy-to-use system startup entry monitor and management tool. It shows you precisely what applications and processes are configured to run automatically during system startup or login and aims at helping disable/enable startup items from system boot. Tune, manage and optimize startup programs to revamp your computing experience. You'll get a fast, clean and efficient computer.

Boost System Startup

Boost System Startup

Managing the programs that starts with your operating system can be a daunting task, but it is an important one as well. If too many programs start with the computer, you can run into a situation where your computer is extremely slow starting up. This free startup controller is your quick PC solutions to remove any unneeded startup programs to noticeably shorten your PC boot time to make windows smarter and lighter.

Speed up Login Time

Powerful! Speed up Login Time

Lots of startup programs will let you get a longer login time when you start up the computer. PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager helps simplify start-up process in one click solution. You can choose to prohibit an unwanted program from running as computer boots up or ban an unconversant one that ranks high in blocking rate. With each unwanted program removed from startup, your login time improves drastically.

Free up Memory

Free up Memory

Every time you start your computer, a number of programs will start automatically, and each of those programs will use a portion of your computer's memory and resources. This freeware manages to reduce the number of unnecessary startup programs so that you can get more available memory (RAM) for other use.

Customize Startup Items

Adjustable! Customize Startup Items

To customize and fully control the startup items, PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager allows you to choose what you want to keep enabled and disabled. In fact, you can even add new programs to your startup as well as edit and delete any designated startup application. Furthermore, the "run" and "refresh" features are provided to directly run or refresh the applications according to your demands.

View Detailed Startup Information

View Detailed Startup Information

This free startup manager displays the detailed information of the exact applications like the name, type, arguments and so on for viewing with one click. What's more, it is possible to process some operations of each item in the activated registry editor, such as import/export, modification, renaming, copy, etc. as needed.


Editor's Review

Download A to Z - 5 Stars

Download A to Z - 5 Stars

With the easy-to-navigate interface, everyone can use this startup manager to fully control the startup programs in his PC. We recommend this software to users suffering from sluggish startup.

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

Brothersoft - Editor's Pick

After the test, we regard PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager as the most effective startup software solution available. We especially like its diverse functionalities which enable users to manage their startup items as well as edit or refresh them.

How Does PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager Work?

Award winning

PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager is a powerful and very safe tool to help users have a better control on Windows startup items. Without paying one penny, you will get a more efficient and faster startup procedure.

This free startup controller offers you a faster way to detect different types of unneeded startup programs with wise functions and performs safe, fast & permanent startup deletion.

How does it work in detail?

1. PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager removes startup programs you don't want

This free startup manager enumerates thousands of common and popular startup items on its interface, and tells you whether they are unnecessary or necessary. It's easy for you to permanently delete unwanted items according to the instructions improve boot speed of PC and your computer will take less time to start than usually.

2. You add startup programs

If you want to quickly start your favorite programs when the computer is turned on, this free startup manager tells you how to add them. Whether it's the Internet so you can check the email or an instant messenger that allows you to chat with your friends, it's more convenient.

3. You make the changes on startup item entry

In addition, you may edit any of the existing listed items with activated startup entry editor in order to move them from one location to another or change their program description that is being used to start the item.

That's how it goes. It's time to get rid of unbearably slow PC performance & bootup problems. PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager is the key to remove unnecessary startup programs to tremendously speed up your PC boot.


System Requirements

  • PCTuneUp Free Startup Manager has been designed to work with Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Recommended Configuration: PentiumĀ® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM

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